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Advantages of Video Measuring Systems for Injection Molding

The video centric vision system for precision inspection and measurement is one flexible and accurate tool, which has widespread uses throughout the machine tool industry. Our team from the house of QS Metrology would like to help you understand the norms, revolving around Video Measuring machine and let you understand more about the machine and its growing importance in terms of injection molding right now.

A little bit of back history:

Right from the time 2008, video measuring machines were widely used by global manufacturers. The very first models were made and developed in the US and used for dimensional measurement uses within the quality control sector of the manufacturing units. We have been working on presenting the most advanced Vision measurement system to our clients and they have been working with us since.

  • Injection molding centric video measuring theme has evolved big time with some technical advances in manufacturing units.

  • Right now, parts are designed in CAD software. After that, those designs are machined on tools, which tighter tolerances.

  • Along with that, the non-contact vision measurement technology has evolved big time.

The quality features you get on the manufactured parts:

Thanks to our advanced and thoughtful Video measuring system, now you get the chance to ensure quality features on all your injected machine parts. The video measuring machines will verify the features quality on manufactured parts.

  • New software and computers, modernized illumination techniques and some advances within the optical designs will make video measurements a lot faster and highly accurate in terms of measurement.

  • The cameras used for video measurements are made using numerous pixels. Therefore, each pixel will act like single-edge detector like comparator. They can cover the tasks at the same time.

  • The only difference that is left between these two models will be the fundamental advantage of the video measurements out there.

  • As the camera is able to offer singles from each pixel, the video measuring machines are able to multiply the edge points from the whole image.

  • This step helps in providing faster inspections and then maximizes the measurements throughput.

Working with our video measuring machines has helped so many companies all around the world and would like to do the same for you as well. Once you are sure of the machines we have in store, you can move forward from there to get quality help all the time.

Perfect for exposing the edges:

From what we have seen while working with the Vision based measurement machines, exposing edges will get a lot easier than before. These systems are good for exposing those edges, which will not cast a shadow whenever lit from behind.

  • It helps in opening up the technology to various parts of sizes, all shapes and materials as constrained only to fit on measuring machine.

  • There are different other features, which are caught by the camera too.

  • This feature makes video measurements rather popular for various applications across multiple industries.

  • As these measurements are performed to verify or confirm the dimensions to match the drawing of the design, there are some consequences to consider.

  • Focus on the points on how the video measurement of the edges and surfaces differs from how those same features get measured by CMM with the help of a touch probe.

Get some precise edges measured, thanks to our machines:

With the help of video measuring systems for the injection molding, you get to measure the component edges in a direct manner. There will be an edge that exists whenever a transition is there in the scene, as imaged on camera. It will be presented at boundary, right between areas where you will find some changes in characteristics. Some of those characteristics are:

  • Color

  • Intensity

  • Roughness towards the boundary

We believe that the touch probe CMM will not measure the edges directly as the points are procured from surfaces that intersect areas as seen in edges. These differences will mark the changes while comparing those measurements with those on edges against design drawing.

In order to learn more about the touch probe CMM and video measuring machines, we would like to welcome you to come and join us at QS Metrology Private Limited. Give us a ring at 080 3730 1335 for detailed help.

The video measuring machine is used for quicker and accurate 3D measurements of the smaller parts by using video edge detection techniques.
These systems will combine higher resolution images, precise mechanical platforms and powerful intuitive software for delivering superb accuracy.
The traditional mold measuring methods were done manually by using contact measuring tools. Now you have video measuring machine for the same.

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