ARL EQUINOX 3000 X-ray Diffractometer

Experience fast, accurate measurements with the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ EQUINOX 3000 X-ray Diffractometer. This research-grade diffraction system provides higher resolution detectors, a larger sample area, and choice of X-ray sources. The large sample compartment accommodates practically any sample and any sample handling device, including furnaces, auto samplers, large assemblies, etc. The EQUINOX curved detector measures all diffraction peaks simultaneously. Crystallographic results are collected in seconds, enabling phase transition or unstable compound analysis – all with a low cost system.



ARL EQUINOX 3000 measurements are very fast compared with other diffractometers thanks to its  unique Inel curved detector that can measure all diffraction peaks simultaneously. Due to this acquisition in real time, all kinetic studies are facilitated.
The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ EQUINOX 3500 is an evolution of ARL EQUINOX 3000 model. It is exactly the same configuration except that it works with a bigger radius of curvature detector so, high resolution XRD data can be obtained wherever needed.
No scanning required. Measures the whole 2 theta range simultaneously and in real time.
Available sample holders include a spinning sample holder for reflection and transmission mode, a capillary sample holder for transmission mode, an automatic 6 or 30 position sample changer, and a small thin layer attachment.
Applications: Research, Environment, Geology, Mining, Cement, Metallurgy, Pharmaceuticals, Education.

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