ARL™ PERFORM’X Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

With the ARL PERFORM’X spectrometer, analysis of materials in varied sizes, coatings, layers, heterogeneities and inclusions or requiring wide elemental coverage, wide concentration ranges and varied samples matrices is achieved with desired precision and limits of detection.

  • Digitally mastered gearless goniometer based on Moiré fringe electro-optical technology, for precise and robust angular positioning of all its components.
  • Powerful OXSAS software and standard-less Thermo Scientific™ QuantAS™ and Thermo Scientific™ UniQuant™ Analysis Packages provide simple and rapid analysis of totally unknown samples with no standards required.
  • Thermo Scientific™ PetroilQuant™ Pre-calibration program, capable of quantifying up to 30 elements in a variety of fuels, light and heavy distillates and lubricants both quickly and cost-effectively.
  • UCCO technology: Ultra Closely Coupled Optics for highest performance from boron to uranium.
  • IQ/OQ & Remote Diagnostics for easy installation and serviceability.


Large library of factory calibrations covering many metals and non-metals applications.
Material composition mapping and quantification capability.
Small spot analysis for contamination or defect identification and quantification.
Industry-leading liquid sample recognition and leak prevention design.
Wide dynamic range (from sub ppm to 100%) and excellent precision.
Integrated comprehensive sample changer allows large numbers of different samples to be treated fully automatically in mixed batches.
Faster analysis cycle time for high throughput lab applications using XY-loader for fully automated sample management.
Easy, non-destructive sample preparation.

ARL PERFORM’X 1500W: Cost effective low-power system, no external water cooling required.
ARL PERFORM’X 2500W: High performance mid-power system, no external water cooling required.
ARL PERFORM’X 4200W: Highest power system for the most demanding applications.

Recommended for
Geological and environmental applications.
Petroleum products, polymers and chemicals.
Materials science and forensics.
Major, minor and trace elemental analysis in raw materials, glasses, ceramics and refractories.
Specialty alloys, metals and ores.
Mining, minerals and cement.

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