The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ QUANT’X EDXRF Spectrometer provides major, minor and trace element quantification across the broadest range of samples, including bulk solids, granules, powders, thin films and liquids. Featuring standardless software and accessories, this complete benchtop EDXRF (Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence) system meets the elemental analysis needs of central and contract laboratories, as well as the environmental monitoring, chemicals, mining, forensics, food, cement and metals industries.

Advanced Technology
  • Latest generation silicon drift detector (SDD)
  • Advanced Digital Pulse Processing (DPP) technology
  • High-performance, multi-element analysis
  • Optional Thermo Scientific™ UniQuant™ software for superior standardless analysis


Exceptional sensitivity for trace analysis.
High measurement throughput for process control.
Advanced analytical algorithms for atypical materials.
Outstanding sample-handling flexibility.
Mechanical simplicity and reliability.
Compact footprint and ease of transport for field measurements.
Rapid, easy installation and complete on-site customization.
Complete laboratory start-up package included.
Allows sample analysis in air, vacuum and helium.
Proven hardware and all-inclusive software.
On-site, collaborative method development.
Full technical applications support.
Expertise across hundreds of applications.
Large sample chamber, camera, and wide range of collimators.
Powerful, Easy to Use Thermo Scientific™ WinTrace™ Software
Standardless and semi-standardless analysis.
Fundamental Parameters (FP) and empirical methods with standards.
Multi-layer thickness and composition.
Unlimited elements, unlimited number of standards.
Simple results transmission to external computer or LIMS.
Support of nine languages and more.
Optional UniQuant Advanced Standardless Analysis
Going further than any other FP analysis, the optional UniQuant program collects all emission lines of all possible elements from fluorine to uranium. This complete spectral profile of the sample allows UniQuant to automatically correct for all possible overlap and background effects, which are especially complex in energy-dispersive spectra.
All elements are always analyzed.
Each sample’s unique physical properties, i.e. area, height, and mass are included in the calculation.
Long-term changes in X-ray tube output are corrected.
A variety of selectable reporting levels and formats present the results clearly for any type of user.
UniQuant comes completely pre-calibrated and ready for use.
Recommended for
Cement, feed and alternative fuels.
Forensics and trace element analysis.
Gemstones, precious metals and jewelry analysis .
RoHS / WEEE screening for toxins in plastics.
Oil industry products.
Plastics and polymers.
Environmental applications.
Waste sludges and used oils.
Nutritional supplements.
Soil contamination and other environmental screening.
Monitoring corrosion of cooling water circuits.
Cement, feed and alternative fuels.
Metallurgical slags and mining ores.
Catalysts and chemicals.
Thin films on filters.
Aerosol particulate filters.

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