Contourecord 1600G


Auto Element Judgment (AI Function)
The 1600G automatically determines the type of element (poin tline circle). QS Metrology is a leading supplier of Contourecord 1600G, Contourograph, contour measurement tool for contour measuring that auto determines the elements.
Dimension Display Function
The actual measured values for parameters and geometric deviation can be displayed on the diagram.
Profile Synthesis Function
The limitations on the analysis range due to the angle of the stylus are addressed with the synthesis function.
Peak and Valley Function
This function enables the maximum workpiece point to be detected by tracing with the stylus, simplifying alignment.
Calculation Point Repeat Function
Overall workpiece analysis can be executed after completing only one pattern analysis for workpieces where certain shapes are repeated.
Workpiece Trace Function
The measuring range can be determined by tracing the workpiece once. This is effective for measurement of minute profiles.
Easy Evaluation of Part Contour
Exact data on parts that were previously evaluated with a projector or tool microscope can be obtained in a short period of time. The measured results can be used as is for inspection reports.
High Efficiency Measurement
The teaching/playback function automates the entire process, from measurement to pasting of the data into an inspection report.


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