OPTICOM CNC 2D/3D system

OPTICOM CNC system is a programmable system which can automatically does the measurement work for components like Automobile parts, Aerospace Parts, Injection Moulding parts, Die casting parts, Electronic parts etc. The system comes in both 2D and 3D versions. The system can be fitted with work stages of different sizes, as per the application.


Technical Specifications
Work stage size of 500 X 300 with travel of 250 X 150 (Standard Configuration)
Z axis travel of 150 mm (Standard Configuration)
Vision magnification: 18-125X
Telecentric, Par focal, variable magnification zoom lens
High resolution CCD camera
Scale with 1 micron resolution on X, Y and Z axis
LED Surface Ring light
LED Contour light
2D/3D CNC Vision software
Supports all 2D/3D measurements
Geometrical elements measurement of point, line, circle, angle, ellipse
Construction of point, line, circle, angle
Coordinates – Origin shift, Skew
Report generation – Excel, Word with graphical output
Output – DXF format for Reverse Engineering
Comes with PC, licensed windows
Accuracy: (3 + L/100) microns where L is in mm
Machine stand (Granite) and Anti-vibration pad


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