OPTICOM Manual 2D/3D system

OPTICOM 2D measurement instruments, 2D measurement devices is a stable platform for accurate 2D measurement of Automobile, Aerospace parts, Injection Moulding parts, Die casting parts, Electronic parts etc. This is a flexible system, which can accommodate different work stage size as per the application.


Technical Specifications
Work stage size of 500 X 300 with travel of 250 X 150 (Standard Configuration)
Z axis travel of 150 mm (Standard Configuration)
Vision magnification: 18-125X
Touch probe (3D system)
Telecentric, Par focal, variable magnification zoom lens
High resolution CCD camera
Scale with 1 micron resolution on X, Y and Z axis
LED Surface Ring light
LED Contour light
2D/3D Vision software
Supports all 2D/3D measurements
Geometrical elements measurement of point, line, circle, angle, ellipse
Construction of point, line, circle, angle
Coordinates – Origin shift, Skew
Report generation – Excel, Word with graphical output
Output – DXF format for Reverse Engineering
Comes with PC, licensed windows
Accuracy: (3 + L/100) microns where L is in mm
Machine stand (Cast Iron) and Anti-vibration pad

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