Surfix ® E

Fixed probe
Data memory (Optional)
Statistics (Optional)
Infra red interface (Optional)


Surfix®-Series is a lightweight Plating thickness tester, Plating thickness measurement device for precise thickness measurement of electroplated coatings. The gauges from the Surfix® Family have a firmly attached probe. The Surfix®-Series is a compact, lightweight, multifunctional Fully menu driven coating thickness gauge for fast, precise, non-destructive coating thickness measurement for varnish, paint and electroplated coatings on iron/steel and varnish, paint and anodizing coating thickness on non-ferrous metals and on austenitic stainless steels.

The Surfix® E devices have a large memory for measured values, statistical functions, three calibration procedures and data transmission via infrared or cable.
Surfix series comes in 6 variants

  • Surfix® FN and Surfix® FN basic
  • Surfix® F and Surfix® F basic
  • Surfix® N and Surfix® N basic

basic: without memory, statistics, limit values, IR interface


Technical Specifications
Range 0 – 1500 μm
Accuracy ± (1 μm/ 0.04 mils + 1% of reading)
Resolution 0.1μm/ 0.004 mils or < 0.2 % of reading
Min radius for convex surface 1.5 mm
Min radius for concave surface 5 mm
Min measuring area 5 mm X 5 mm
Minimum Substrate
Ferrous – 0.2 mm

Non-Ferrous – 50 μm

Standards DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS
Calibration Factory-, zero- and foil-calibration
Protection Class IP 52 (proof against dust and dripping water)
Dimensions 137mm x 66mm x 23mm
Memory Max. 200 readings (Not available in basic variant)
Statistics program Number of readings, mean value, standard deviation, max. and min. reading (Not available in basic variant)
Data Output Infrared interface (Not available in basic variant)

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Fixed probe
Data memory (Optional)
Statistics (Optional)
Infra red interface (Optional)

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