Surfix® EX

Fixed probe
Color display
Data memory
USB interface

The outstanding feature of this new PHYNIX gauge is the brilliant color graphic display with improved text presentation and allows a variety of different operating languages. The standard now includes English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Czech and Chinese. The internal memory was greatly enlarged compared to the Surfix series and now allows the storage of up to 2,000 measured values. The connection to a computer is simply via USB 2.0. PHYNIX.connect, a data transmission program for all modern Windows systems, facilitates the transfer of measured values into Excel.

Application areas
  • In the electroplating industry
  • In the painting industry
  • In the automotive industry
  • In the chemical industry
  • In aerospace engineering
  • In ship building
  • In research labs and universities
  • In the workshop
  • For consultants and assessors


Technical Specifications
Range 0 – 1500 μm
Accuracy ± (1 μm + 1% of reading)
Resolution 0.1μm or < 0.2 % of reading
Statistics Number of measured values, mean value, standard deviation, minimum and maximum measured value
Memory Max. 2.000 readings
Data transfer USB 2.0
Display High-resolution Colour display
Min radius for convex surface 1.5 mm
Min radius for concave surface 5 mm
Min measuring area 5 mm X 5 mm
Minimum Substrate Thickness Ferrous – 0.2 mm
Non-Ferrous – 50 μm
Standards DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS
Calibration works calibration, zero calibration, one-foil calibration; zero-offset
Protection Class IP 52 (proof against dust and dripping water)
Dimensions 137mm x 66mm x 23mm
Warranty 2 Years

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Fixed probe
Color display
Data memory
USB interface

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