Weldcheck, Weld Inspect, Weld Quality Inspection System


QS Metrology offers WeldEYE, the most advanced system for weldcheck, weld inspect, weld inspection, weld quality inspection for visual weld inspection and weld quality testing. WeldEYE is our registered trademark. This system is the result of our long experience in Weld quality inspection. Our WeldEYE, weldcheck system for visual weld inspection & quality testing utilizes the latest weld inspection technology available in the market. Our weldcheck, weld inspect, weld inspection process ensures a precise, strong weld and that the component is up to industry standards mentioned.

Our system currently supports the standards and reporting formats for FORD, BAJAJ, TVS, ROYAL ENFIELD, SML ISUZU, MARUTI, ASHOK LEYLAND and RENAULT NISSAN.

The system consists of

  • Trinocular Stereo Zoom microscope (OPTIZOOM models or STEMI 305 from Carl Zeiss)
  • CMOS camera
  • WeldEYE® software



Technical Specifications
  • Supports all Weld parameters like depth/penetration, leg lengths, throat lengths, root penetration, angle, % penetration and all 2D measurements
  • Can find mid-points, perpendiculars to lines, angle between lines
  • User defined parameters
  • User defined templates for different types of components, with user defined parameters, expected values and tolerances
  • User defined Rules/ Criteria for PASS/FAIL
  • Ability to create a master template for measurements for each type of component
  • Ability to set expected value as well as tolerances at individual work level or at a master template level
  • Component level reporting
  • Date and time on image
  • Result and parameter name on image
  • Can add comments to the image
  • Integrated Help
  • Reports in Excel or PDF format
  • Historical data analysis with performance graphs and deviation analysis
  • Component level report
  • SPC reports


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